5 Things from Kohl’s Store to Nail Your Neutral Home Decor

Looking for ways to add earth tones to your new home? Here are 5 classy things you can add from Kohl’s store to your neutral home decor.

Your house is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make. It's where you spend most of your time, so it should reflect who you are. And since everyone has unique tastes, choosing colors and styles that suit your personality is essential.

There are many ways to achieve a neutral home decor look. The key is picking a color palette that suits your lifestyle and preferences. A green or blue palette might be perfect if you love nature.

The way you choose to decorate your house has a significant impact on its overall appearance. To create a warm, welcoming space, you might consider using earthly colors such as brown, green, and gray. These tones are typically associated with nature and evoke calmness and relaxation.

By choosing neutral hues, you'll be able to add color accents without overwhelming the room. This approach allows you to mix and match furniture pieces from various styles and eras.

If you are thinking of updating your home decor to a more neutral & earthy tone, we’ve got a few products from your favorite store Kohl’s, that you must have.

We at Crazy Coupons have highlighted five exciting neutral home decor products from Kohl’s store to introduce an earthy look to your house.

1. A Tribal Rug

This stylish rug is perfect for an earthy theme. Pair it with neutral, beige, or rust-colored furniture to elevate your living room. By choosing neutral hues, you'll be able to add color accents without overwhelming the space. This approach allows you to mix and match furniture pieces from different styles and eras. Here’s the one suggested by us.

To find this rug at Kohl’s store, you need to search for nuLOOM Carolyn Tribal Rug.

2. A Handmade Pouf

How would you describe your style? Would you say it’s modern or vintage? Or maybe something else entirely?

You might be surprised that poufs aren’t always associated with old-fashioned styles. They’re often seen as a modern trend. And why not? They’re comfortable, versatile, and practical.

So, a handmade pouf is next on our list of must-have items from Kohls for neutral home decor.

And not just any pouf; it’s Steve Silver Co. Jafar Square Handwoven Jute Pouf.

This handmade, textured jute poof is sleek yet versatile and will add charm and whimsy to your living space. It can be used as a seat, foot rest, or decorative item.

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3. A Knit Throw

Knitting has become very trendy over the last couple of years. If you’re looking to add something unique & stylish to your neutral home decor, try this knit throw from Kohl’s store: Donna Sharp Chunky Knit Throw.

This knit throw is the perfect accessory for your house. Its earthy color and chic boho pattern make it entirely on theme with your earth-toned space. This eye-catching rug can be thrown on any neutral-colored furniture to transform your house or bed and can also be a decorative item. This is available in different colors.

4. Dried Floral Arrangement

Add dried floral arrangements to your neutral home decor if you love flowers. They look beautiful and last forever. If you’re looking for something that will add flavor to your room, go to Kohl’s store & search for  ‘Sonoma Goods for Life Yellow Floral Dried Stack.

This floral, dried stack is the quintessential item for any neutral-toned house. Its color palette is on theme with an earth-toned, natural home, and it will create the perfect ambiance around your house. Put it in a brown clay vase or an acrylic vase. It can be part of your side table in the living room or the centerpiece of your dinner table.

5. A Boho Style Mirror

Boho-style mirrors are trendy because they look good and add a touch of elegance to any room. They also come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. And since we’re talking about the best neutral home decor products from Kohl’s store, try this one: Madison Park Reed Round Wall Decor Mirror.

This textured, casual yet chic mirror will add an organic feel to your house that screams sophisticated yet laid back. Pair it with woven accents such as a green throw pillow and beautiful vases to complete the earthy, boho chic look!

Does any of these products from the above list inspire you? If yes, visit the Kohl’s store today & get your hands on these beauties. These can be a perfect addition to your neutral home decor.

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